Criminal Legal Reform

Robyn’s record on criminal legal reform includes:

  • Protecting minors from juvenile detention centers by ending the detention of children under 13 and providing effective alternatives to incarceration
  • Co-Sponsoring the SAFE-T Act that introduces sweeping criminal justice and victim support reforms to increase public safety while addressing inequities in our legal system
  • Prosecuting suspected criminals fairly and modernizing sentencing laws
  • Creating protection from excessive force, including use of body cameras and banning chokeholds and other extreme measures
  • Addressing officer training and support needs, including mental health and wellness screenings
  • Replacing the cash bail system with one that detains all dangerous criminal defendants, regardless of their ability to pay
  • Making more resources available to victims to ensure they get the justice they deserve
  • Supporting legalization of cannabis for adult recreational use, ending the disproportionate criminalization of minority communities and providing economic access to a growing industry. 
  • Reinstating parole for juveniles under age 21 by creating mid-sentence parole consideration for those 20 or under when the crime occurred – except in extreme offenses, giving young people a second chance at a full and productive life.