Robyn’s Policy Issues

Protecting our Environment

As Chair of the Illinois Green Legislative Caucus and Vice-chair of the Energy and Environment Committee, State Representative Robyn Gabel is a champion for our environment. She believes future generations deserve a healthy environment regardless of their economic status, and fights to protect our precious natural resources.

Defending Healthcare

Ensuring access to healthcare for all has been the core of Representative Gabel’s professional career – from leading the expansion of Medicaid coverage for hundreds of thousands of women and children to advocating for proper support for Illinoisans with developmental disabilities. She believes healthcare is a right and is skilled at coalition building to achieve bold goals. 

Good Government

State Representative Robyn Gabel believes that our democracy is based on “one person, one vote”. She has successfully made Illinois a national leader on voting access and expanded rights for the most marginalized. Rep. Gabel knows good policy thrives when government is operating with efficiency and accountability.   

Women's Rights

Robyn Gabel is passionately dedicated to ensuring womens’ rights to healthcare, economic equality, and freedom from violence and discrimination. 

Robyn’s career for over twenty years before public service was building a not-for-profit from the ground up into a major force in Illinois on maternal and children healthcare. She ran for State Representative to continue that work and hasn’t looked back. A trailblazer in Springfield, Robyn now makes it her mission to mentor other progressive female elected officials and do all she can do to lift up young women and girls.

Criminal Justice Reform

Promoting a just and equitable society is at the root of State Representative Robyn Gabel’s work. Pressing for necessary reforms to our criminal justice system, especially for juveniles, is one of Robyn’s primary missions.

Addressing Gun Violence

State Representative Robyn Gabel has worked tirelessly at the forefront of the gun safety movement. She has promoted common sense reforms to protect our children and keep our streets safe.