Defending Healthcare

Robyn’s record on Defending Healthcare includes:

  • Reinvesting in the Healthcare Workforce Initiative by allocating $180M to continue to train and grow Illinois’ healthcare workforce with a focus on Medicaid providers in underserved areas
  • Passing a Medicaid Omnibus Bill that
    • Funds school based mental health screenings
    • Provides coverage for midwifery and acupuncture services
    • Increases reimbursement rates for prenatal/postpartum, behavioral, maternal health, dental and medi-car services
    • Creates a program to help with the Certified Nursing Assistant shortage
    • Adds coverage for non-citizens ages 42-54
  • Creating the Equity and Representation in Health Care Act to address racial and other disparities in healthcare through the recruitment and retention of a representative workforce that better reflects and understands the patients they serve
  • Expanding access to equitable and affordable family planning services for low-income populations by providing approximately $11.2M to agencies operating family planning clinics throughout the State
  • Addressing the maternal mortality rate by requiring prenatal doula services and evidence based home services under Medicaid
  • Improving access to HIV prevention medications by allowing pharmacists to dispense, administer, order lab tests and consult on the use of these medications
  • Addressing surprise medical billing by granting the Illinois Department of Insurance authority to assist consumers billed at out-of-network rates after receiving care from hospitals, doctors and providers they believed to be in-network
  • Decreasing the wait time for medical attention by making it easier for seniors and the disabled to maintain Medicaid eligibility and receive affordable long-term care by cutting the red tape that makes the system difficult to navigate
  • Creating easy enrollment for health insurance by allowing taxpayers to begin the sign-up process for health insurance through their tax returns
  • Ensuring compliance with the Affordable Care Act for insurance plans sold on the individual marketplace
  • Guaranteeing patients or nursing home residents the right to visitors in a public health crisis