Defending Healthcare

Ensuring access to healthcare for all has been the core of Representative Gabel’s professional career, from leading the expansion of Medicaid coverage for hundreds of thousands of women and children to advocating for proper support for Illinoisans with developmental disabilities. She believes healthcare is a right and is skilled at coalition building to achieve bold goals. 

Robyn is proud to have supported: 

  • The Reproductive Health Act that protects a woman’s right to choose should Roe v. Wade be overturned and also repeals outdated and unconstitutional prohibitions on reproductive healthcare.
  • Medicaid coverage for pregnant women for 12 months postpartum to reduce maternal mortality inequities.
  • Expanding insurance requirements to ensure coverage for treatment of serious mental illness and substance abuse disorder.
  • The Limited Duration Health Insurance Act that protects consumers from high-cost, low-coverage insurance policy plans.
  • Guaranteed coverage for pre-existing conditions in the case that the federal Affordable Health Act is compromised. 
  • Assurance for patients that their prescription drug costs cannot change during their insurance policy period.
  • Training for mental health crisis intervention in Cook County.

She will continue to:

  • Address racial health disparities in our district and throughout Illinois.
  • Ensure public health policy is founded on science and evidence-based best practices. 
  • Fight the opioid epidemic through a combination of prevention, treatment, and recovery support. 
  • Work on establishing a comprehensive state-sponsored health plan