Good Government

Robyn’s signature government reform efforts include:

  • Working to restore public confidence by establishing the Joint Commission on Ethics and Lobbying Reform
    • Creating stricter limits around lobbying
    • Requiring fuller disclosure of outside incomes
    • Strengthening the oversight of the Inspector General
    • Instituting term limits for legislative leadership
    • Establishing a clear process for removing leadership and committee chairs for wrongdoing
  • Passing a debt elimination bill that takes fiscally responsible steps to rebuild our credit, address debt repayment, and improve our financial forecast while honoring our commitment to countless Illinoisans who worked for years to earn their pensions
  • Restricting the influence of outside funding in our judicial elections by limiting the amount candidates and certain Political Action Committees can accept from any single person or entity
  • Expanding access to the ballot
    • Passing automatic voter registration by adding it to the process of applying for a driver’s license
    • Allowing citizens to register to vote at their polling place on Election Day
    • Championing pioneering legislation to improve voting rights for justice-involved populations, by making Cook County Jail the first jail in the U.S. to be an official polling location and providing those exiting prison a voter registration form
    • Building on this progress by passing legislation that
      • Increases access to curbside voting
      • Creates permanent vote by mail registries and central polling locations across the state
      • Strengthens cybersecurity standards for elections
        Makes Election Day a state holiday
      • Requires the State Board of Elections to provide a remote access vote by mail system for voters with print disabilities with the use of assistive devices