Addressing Gun Violence

Robyn’s record on addressing gun violence and public safety includes:

  • Making Illinois the first state in the Midwest to ban the sale of “Ghost Guns,” which are untraceable due to a lack of serial numbers
  • Improving gun safety by requiring the Department of Health to conduct a multi-year safe gun storage campaign
  • Investing in Public Safety by budgeting an additional $250M to implement the Reimagine Public Safety Act, including
    • Violence interruption programs
    • After school and alternative youth activities,
    • Trauma informed mental health services
    • Programming directed toward root causes of violence
  • Supporting local law enforcement and improving officer accountability
    • Providing police with needed tools, including non-lethal equipment and body cameras
    • Launching a co-responder pilot program that pairs officers with mental health professionals to respond to incidents involving individuals experiencing a mental health crisis
    • Allocating $45.9M for training for local law enforcement officers and an officer retention program, and additional funding to recruit and train 300 additional officers
  • Assisting first responders
    • Requiring local law enforcement, fire districts, schools, hospitals and ambulance services to provide mental health services to first responders
    • Providing grants to childcare centers to provide late night care for children of first responders and other late night shift workers
  • Protecting victims by requiring training on victim-centered, trauma-informed investigations, setting up anonymous tip hotlines with cash rewards for info leading to an arrest, and expanding the witness protection program
  • Combating carjacking by targeting ringleaders who recruit youth, funding local safety councils, providing grants to help identify, apprehend, and prosecute hijackers and recover vehicles, and develop strategies for improving how existing laws are administered