Women’s Rights

Robyn’s record on behalf of women’s rights includes:

  • Shepherding passage of the Reproductive Health Act, establishing the fundamental right to reproductive health in Illinois, even as it is threatened across thecountry; requiring private health insurance plans to cover abortion as they do other pregnancy related care; and repealing old laws restricting abortion and reproductive healthcare
  • Supporting women’s reproductive healthcare by adopting resolutions to fully fund Planned Parenthood; reaffirming the upholding of Roe v. Wade; and allowing pharmacists to prescribe birth control
  • Protecting vulnerable youth, such as victims of rape, incest and domestic abuse by repealing the Parental Notification Act, ensuring that youth have access to the compassionate care they need from health professionals, including abortion, without being required to notify their parents or legal guardians
  • Repealing “trigger” language that would criminalize abortion in Illinois if Roe v. Wade is overturned and requiring state health insurance, including Medicaid, to cover the cost of reproductive health care, including abortion care
  • Clarifying our laws to protect physicians, physician assistants, nurses and advanced practice registered nurses from disciplinary action in Illinois for performing services related to abortion in another state that are legal here
  • Ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment, ensuring women cannot be discriminated against in their workplace on the basis of gender
  • Passing the No Salary History Act, that bars employers from asking about an applicant’s salary history to ensure historical inequities do not continue.
  • Sponsoring bills expanding healthcare coverage for birth control and improving comprehensive sex education in public schools.
  • Passing sexual harassment reform measures in Springfield